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Successful celebrity graduates: The top five

Successful celebrity graduates: The top five

What is the link between each of the individuals found on the following list? They each have a successful and perhaps surprising degree!

Some of Britain’s most famous stars are highly educated as well as talented – let’s take a look at them.

  1. Rowan Atkinson

Known best for his comedy character Mr Bean, Rowan Atkinson is not someone you would traditionally associate with higher education. Yet Atkinson actually holds an undergraduate degree from Newcastle University and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Oxford University – definitely something to be proud of.

  1. Harry Hill

Another comedy superstar, Harry Hill is best known for his slapstick humour and big collars. Hard to imagine that he could dish our prescriptions and diagnose ailments then! Hill actually attended the University of London where he studied Neurosurgery and remains a Registered Medical Practitioner on the General Medical Council.

  1. Jeremy Kyle

While Jeremy Kyle is now famous for helping the British public work through their problems with his unique brand of advice on his talk show, he too is a graduate. Attending the University of Surrey, Kyle picked up a degree in History and Sociology before moving on to adopt the role of modern-day agony aunt.

  1. Hugh Grant

A British heartthrob known for adopting the odd bad-boy acting role, Hugh Grant is another celebrity who has a strong grounding in education. Grant attended the prestigious University of Oxford, studying English Literature. Perhaps the characters he plays aren’t so far detached from reality after all…

  1. Russell Howard

Ending the list is another comedian – Russell Howard. Best known for his lively stand-up and successful stints at presenting his own weekly comedy show Russell Howard’s Good News, Howard actually has a very business-orientated mind. He studied Economics at the University of West London in Bristol, attaining his degree before turning his attention to comedy.

Why study like the celebs?

While obtaining a degree may not be a fast-track route to fame, it can be beneficial in many other ways. By obtaining a relevant degree in a discipline you’re interested in, you could go on to land a well-paid job with a high-profile title.

Like these celebs, you too could go on to make something of yourself by studying for a degree – but it’s important to choose the right one. After an undergraduate degree, your next choice will be to enter the world of work or continue studying for a Masters degree.

A Business masters will equip you with the relevant business knowledge, leadership skills and networking opportunities that are integral to a successful business career. Take that step towards success by exploring the possibility of a Masters in Business today.

Fantastic Reasons Why You Should Become A Nurse

Fantastic Reasons Why You Should Become A Nurse


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Are you at a crossroads when it comes to your career? Perhaps you are unsure about which career path you should follow? Perhaps you are torn between a few different career choices? Don’t worry, choosing a career path is a big deal, so it’s important to take some time to think it over properly.

Have you ever considered a career in the medical industry, such as in nursing? Working as a nurse is a very rewarding and fulfilling career choice. Making a difference to people’s lives by helping them through difficult situations is not something you can achieve in just any career.

For our guide to why you should consider a career in nursing, have a read of this.

1. Nurses are in high demand

Nurses are in high demand, and so, the job opportunities in the nursing field are incredible. To get an idea of the nursing roles available in your local area, have a look at The Job Explorer site.

As well as being in high demand now, as long as there are illness and disease, nurses will always be in demand, meaning that nursing is a very stable career field to work in.

2. Pay

While nurses salaries often start low, there are many opportunities for promotions and pay rises. For example, a specialised nurse will be paid around 20 percent more than a regular nurse.

One of the best things about nursing is that you can specialise and do additional training while you work. So, to gain promotions and increase your pay you can do so quite easily.

3. Varied working environments

Nurses aren’t just tied down to one environment; they can work in all kinds of places, each with their own unique working environment. For example, a nurse can work in a hospital, at medical facilities, schools and care homes, as well as many other places.

4. Flexible schedules

Where you work will depend on how flexible your schedule is, but in general nurses tend to have flexible schedules.

For example, if you were to work in a hospital, you could pick shifts of between four to twelve hours at times that suited you. However, if you worked as a nurse in a school, for example, your hours would probably be less flexible.

5. Meeting new people

If you choose to work as a nurse, you will get the chance to interact with lots of different people each day. Including, other nurses, doctors, patients, relatives of patients, and administrators.

Meeting so many different people each day, will help you to be more understanding and compassionate. As well as giving you the opportunity to learn from other medical staff.

6. A challenging career

Every day will be different; you will never know what is about to happen. Some days will be exciting while other will be challenging.

As a nurse, you will be required to make split second decisions in terms of medical care, learn new things quickly and work hard as part of a dedicated medical team.

Unusual Jobs to Consider Training For

Unusual Jobs to Consider Training For

Not everybody wants a bog standard office job. Some people want a job that will fill their days with excitement; where they get paid for doing something fun or unusual. These jobs probably aren’t as hard to come by as you think. I bet there are loads you didn’t even know existed! Take a look at these unusual jobs that you could consider training for:

Pet Food Tester

You might think this sounds disgusting, and that dog food isn’t for human consumption. However, somebody has to taste it to make sure it’s fit for your dog! If you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, why would you expect your dog to? There are people who test treats, bones, and even liver mixture. One pet food tester admitted to spitting it out after tasting though, with a glass of water to hand.


Creating chewing gum is a tricky business, so gumologists help companies to perfect their gum. You wouldn’t believe the thought and technology that goes into creating just one piece of chewing gum. The different flavors, for instance, must go together nicely. Some days it’s all about chewing the gum, and other days it’s about blowing bubbles.

Waterslide Tester

Why wouldn’t you hop out of bed at the start of the week if the first thing you had to do was slide down a waterslide? You may get to spend your day at some huge waterparks, sliding around all day long and ensuring they are up to standard. It would feel like a permanent vacation! However, that doesn’t mean the job should be taken less seriously. You’d need to make note of the height, speed, and landing of the ride as well as any other important safety aspects.



IMAX Screen Cleaner

The IMAX screens are absolutely huge, so as you can imagine, they’re covered in all kinds of dust and other rubbish. Some people throw their candy and drinks at the screen, while others actually send spit wads soaring in its direction. Gross. However, most of the time it’s just a thick layer of dust. With the size of the screen, you’d have to empty your vacuum cleaner multiple times as you clean it.

Odor Tester

Want to sniff people’s armpits for a living? Odor testers ensure that deodorants are as efficient as possible by making subjects take part in a series of activities while wearing them. Then they start sniffing their pits. This stops a company from putting below par products on the shelves. Many of the odor testers are women, as companies insist that women are better at making distinctions in scent. The testers are also examined each month to make sure they are accurate!

Shoe Wrinkle Chaser

Women just love buying and wearing new shoes, but have you ever wondered how they appear so smooth straight out of the box? Probably not. You have a wrinkle chaser to thank for it! They use a special type of iron to go over the shoe and ensure that it couldn’t get any smoother before putting it in a box ready to be sent off.

Theme Park Sick Cleaner

We’ve all been there at one time or another when riding roller coasters. We’re enjoying ourselves, then all of a sudden a wave of nausea takes over. People are sick all the time at theme parks, so they have specialist employees ready to mop it all up. Many of the sick cleaners explain that they love roller coasters so much that mopping up the sick is worth it for a free ride.


This can be seen as a morbid job that some people would like to avoid, but somebody must do it. They prepare bodies for burial or cremation, and also complete important paperwork as well as liaising with the family. You’ll need a degree to get a job like this. If you want a mortuary science degree, you should check this page.

Gross Stunt Tester

You’ve probably watched a show such as Survivor and Fear Factor at least once. They make the contestants eat and do all kinds of crazy things. How do they know it’s safe beforehand? By getting somebody else to do it of course! These people ensure a stunt is safe yet gross at the same time.

Professional Sleeper

Do you hate parting with your comfy bed in the morning? Perhaps you could become a professional sleeper. These people are paid to lay in a comfy bed all day long and have a nap or two. The purpose is to aid sleep research projects. These projects help doctors to find out what goes on when a person has a sleep disorder!

Potato Chip Inspector

You didn’t think those chips went into the bag without being inspected first did you? A chip inspector would try to find overcooked chips to remove from the bag, as well as any chips that have stuck together. Chips that are stuck can ruin a whole bag, so they need to go. You might not want to eat chips anymore after starting this career, so make sure you’re ok with that. Either that, or you’ll just want to inspect each one you eat!



Chocolate Taster

If you love chocolate, why not make a living as a chocolate taster? You’ll need to look out for nice looking chocolates that smell and taste great. All of your senses must be used so you can really evaluate the chocolate. As an entry level taster, you could earn between $30,000 and $60,000! Some lucky senior chocolate tasters earn salaries that hit the 6 figure mark.

Body Part Model

Do you have a body part that looks particularly good in pictures? Do people comment on it, or pay attention to it regularly? Is it aesthetically pleasing? Perhaps you could be a body part model. You could model your feet, hands, legs, bum…the list goes on. If you’ve got a great body part that photographs well, you could earn a great living from it.

Will you train for one of these unusual job roles? Let us know in the comments!

7 Important Factors For Starting Your Own Business

7 Important Factors For Starting Your Own Business

If you want to become a business owner, then you are taking a brave step into the unknown. Many people dream of working for themselves, but it doesn’t always work out for them. The fact of the matter is that starting and running your own business is difficult. It requires discipline, level-headedness and the will to succeed.

For many people, it is easier just to stick to their corporate office jobs. And there is nothing wrong with this. But if it is not making you happy then you need to consider alternatives. One such alternative would be to freelance and work for yourself. This way you can set your hours and income, and you live a more relaxed lifestyle.

But you have to be sensible and treat your approach to your own business with the same discipline as you would if you answered to a boss. Here are seven factors important to starting your own business. Make sure you take note of them and try to apply them where possible.


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1. Training

You will need to make sure you get the right training to be able to do whatever business you decide to set up. Many businesses can be created and maintained with minimal training needs. But a lot will need quite a bit of training to one degree or another. It is important that you take steps to get this training before setting up your business. This way you will know what to expect and how to adapt if needed.

2. Planning and Research

Planning and research are pivotal. You need to research the industry, so you know how to prepare yourself and the business. Make sure you understand how the sector works. Look at recent trends. Is that particular industry struggling at the moment or is it booming? Is there one standout business in the industry? If so have a look at the way they operate and try to adopt a similar business model.

You should also think about writing up a business plan for your vision of the future. Detail what you want the business to achieve and how you plan to achieve it. You can also give a projection of future profit margins, etc. Use this plan as a blueprint for how to go about running your business.

3. Finance

When you decide to start your own business you will need to remember that this is a massive financial commitment. You will be funding everything yourself. So if the business goes bust it is you who will take the hit.

Because of this the concept of starting a business can terrify some people. When you first start out as well the costs are even higher still. You need to fund all the startup costs for the business.

As a result of the huge expense and the financial burden, a lot of people choose to take out a business loan. If you are thinking about starting a business, then you should consider taking out a business loan. You will need to submit your business plan to secure the loan. And you will need to detail how much you want to borrow and how you plan to pay it back. Make sure that you don’t borrow more than you can afford to pay back. This will put you in all sorts of problems later.

4. Insurance

A sensible step would be to take out insurance for the business as well. This will protect against loss, damage or theft of stock and equipment. It will also help to protect your assets such as staff and office space.

If you run a business that’s based on you and a service you offer insurance is important too. If you work as a personal trainer, then you might think about taking out fitness trainer insurance. This will protect you as well as your clients in the event of accident or injury, etc.

5. Clients

It will be important for you to build up a client base for your business. Without new and repeat customers how can you expect the business the thrive? Clients are your bread and butter so make sure you take steps to secure as many as you can. But don’t take on too many. You need to be able to give them all the same level of great service.

This will result in interest from new clients and at that stage, you might consider expanding the business.

6. Marketing

Marketing is your secret weapon when running your own business. It is your most powerful tool and will be nearly impossible for you to succeed without. Marketing is how you promote your business and your services. Without it nobody would know your brand even exists. You need to spend a lot of time, effort and money on marketing; it will be worth it long term.

As well as physical marketing it is vital that you have an online presence. The internet is the best way to market your business nowadays so you should make full use of it. If you don’t already have a business website, you need one. If you do have one you should be doing all you can to promote and drive traffic to it.

Because marketing is so important you might want to think about hiring experts to do it for you. You can find digital marketing agencies online. They will be happy to develop an online marketing strategy for your business. This will help your business to thrive and grow and should help increase your client base.

7. Outsource

An important part of running your own business is being able to outsource certain tasks or projects. You may have a small staff base, if any, and there are certain tasks that need expert guidance. You can find fellow freelancers who specialise in the tasks that you want to do and outsource the work to them.

This will result in a faster turnaround time and may even keep costs lower than keeping the work in house. Outsourcing has become popular in business in recent years. And it is a great way of remaining efficient and cost effective.

Stats You Didn’t Know about the Military

Stats You Didn’t Know about the Military

While most people are more than aware of what the UK military does, few know the facts. With that in mind, we’ve published an infographic aimed at setting the record straight. Whether you’re simply doing some research or even if you’re thinking about joining in the near future, the information below is essential reading. Everyone should take the time to learn more about their military. At the end of the day, it is the organisation that makes sure you can sleep soundly in your bed each night. Some of the stats you’re about to read might come as a surprise.

Women make up 12.1% of officers in the military at the current time. They also make up 9% of enlisted personnel in the UK military. That is shocking when you consider they weren’t allowed to join only a few years ago.

Military spending in the UK currently makes up 2.5% of GDP. While it is not the most costly of our expenses, that is certainly not an insignificant amount. Anyone who joins should take comfort in the fact that funding is not a problem.

The UK military has 4154 tanks, armoured personnel carriers and reconnaissance vehicles. That means troops have the best support possible in the most dangerous situations imaginable.

So, you can easily see why the UK military are ranked fifth in the world. Just as a little extra, we thought it was worth mentioning that 85% of enlisted personnel will spend at least one tour working abroad. It’s perfect for people who want to see other countires and cultures.

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6 Great Reasons to Become a Dental Hygienist

6 Great Reasons to Become a Dental Hygienist

Are you considering your options when it comes to career paths to follow? The world is your oyster providing you’re determined to make something of yourself! The job as a dental hygienist is a particularly satisfying and lucrative one. Why? Here are 6 great reasons:

Enjoy a Flexible Schedule

If you want to have a flexible work schedule, becoming a dental hygienist could be the answer. Lots of people in this profession are able to set their own hours, or even shape their work life around their home life. Of course there will be times when you’re mega busy and will need to focus on work, but most of the time you can be flexible.


Stability in Your Job

This profession isn’t going to go anywhere any time soon. In fact, population increases mean that you should get even more clients through your door. Also, people are starting to learn the importance of preventive care. This means they should come to you early on and stick with you even before any issues arise. Regardless of what stage you’re at in your career, there should be a high demand for your services.

Work With People

You’ll be working with people day in day out, so it’s great if you like a people orientated atmosphere. It’ll be your job to keep the patients feeling relaxed. You’ll also need to give them advice on caring for their teeth. Being friendly is essential in this profession. If you’re passionate about oral health and enjoy helping others, then you’ll love this career.

Decent Salary

The dental industry always needs reliable staff, so the salary is becoming quite competitive. Yep, with a career as a dental hygienist, you can make a lot of money. While money should never be the deciding factor, it’s certainly a perk! The amount you get paid can vary depending on your specialities, location, experience, and more.

Opportunities for Furthering Your Career

If you will eventually want to further your career, you have no limit to your options. All you need is hands on experience and perhaps a training program or two. You can then take on a career in research, or even teach others about dental hygiene. You’re definitely not at a dead end with a career like this!

It’s a Respected Job

As this is such an important job, you can be proud of having a job in a respected field. You’ll be one of the most in demand people in the health industry. So what if you’re not a doctor, or full dentist? You’ll still get the respect that comes in hand with working in healthcare. This type of job can’t be sniffed at.

There you have them; 6 great reasons to become a dental hygienist! What do you think? Has this convinced you that this is your calling in life? Don’t worry if it hasn’t – there are plenty more lucrative careers you could consider. Remember; you can do anything you put your mind to!

Thanks for reading!

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About To Graduate? Why Your Education May Need To Continue

About To Graduate? Why Your Education May Need To Continue

After years of education, you may be starting to feel a little institutionalised! You have worked hard to graduate, and the end is finally in sight. But the hard work doesn’t stop here. Once you have graduated, you will be looking for appropriate employment with a good company. The location of the job may even dictate where you live geographically. Alternatively, you may be searching for employment closer to home.

Wherever you hunt for a job, you will probably want to take on some more role specific training first. Some graduate opportunities provide on the job training to get you going, but these positions are very competitive. If you have not been lucky enough to fall into a graduate programme, you can still make yourself a desirable candidate in the job race.

There are many graduate training programmes out there that require a degree. Once you have graduated, you can enrol on other training schemes offering professional qualifications. These qualifications sometimes require work experience. There are many that teach you everything you need to know about highly specialised roles. These roles include Marketing, Business Analysis and Project Management.

Some of this training can be done a little cheaper remotely. For example, you can undertake some Business Analyst training online to qualify you as a Business Analyst. Continuing education and training is highly desirable to employers. If you can afford to take on another course, it would look good on a resume while you are searching for that dream job.

You may already have a good idea about which company you want to work for, or what role you want to fulfil. There will be plenty of opportunities for both, but making yourself highly desirable as you wait for your chance can be challenging. You need to keep yourself current, and you need to make yourself heard above the noise of all the other graduates. Most big firms are looking for graduates that have had a go at the job already. This experience can be gained through volunteering or taking on a temp role. If you can find a chance to simulate the role through your degree work, that too could be highly regarded. Evidence is key. You should also be prepared to talk at length about it.

As a graduate, you will have opportunities within the biggest firms that other candidates are not eligible to apply for. It is highly recommended that you fight your way through to getting one of these roles as they are intended to progress you quickly up the chain of command into management. Starting at the bottom may take you a little longer to reach the top, but you will have opportunities to see the full working insides of the business on your way up. You are more likely to progress higher because of your degree than an unqualified internal candidate.


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There are many ways to maximize your degree, and some graduates find the subject they chose is completely irrelevant to the job they end up with. The point of a graduate placement is to take on a candidate who has excellent written skills and the ability to research and analyse information. Every graduate has that experience.

The Best Careers to go into After University

The Best Careers to go into After University

If you are a recent university graduate, you will want to be thinking about what you are going to do for a career now your studies are over. University can be an enjoyable time. Perhaps it might even be the best time of your life. But now you have graduated, or at least you are on the cusp of graduation. It is time to get out of student mode and into the real world. You need to change your view of the world and start looking at things from an employment perspective.

When you leave university, you will most likely want to get a job related to your degree in some way. But this is not always possible. You may even find that the kind of career that interests you doesn’t necessarily relate to your degree. But that your degree has given you the skills necessary to decide on the career you want.

You may even be in a position where you have no idea of what you want to do for a career even after university. But you still need to decide what you want to do for a career. If you have no idea about what you want to do then it can be tricky to pick something. Here is some idea of the best kind of careers to go into after university.


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Working for yourself has grown in popularity over the years and will no doubt increase again. More and more people realise that they can become self-employed. Due to the influence of the internet nowadays people are finding it easier to start up their own business ventures.

You might decide that you want to create a business. You may decide that you want to go into e-commerce. Or maybe you’ll prefer to go the freelance avenue, showcasing your work and building up a client base. Whatever you decide to do there is no doubt that going self-employed is an attractive option. To many people there is nothing better than setting your own hours and not having to answer to anybody.

But it is not all perks. Running your own business can be difficult. It is a lot of work and stress. You may find that it will cost you an awful lot of money to begin with, and it can be quite a daunting prospect. Consider the implications before you decide to go self-employed.


Another great area to look for a career in as a postgraduate is in the field of nursing. Nurses are always needed as there are always sick people. But the profession is understaffed. You should have no problems finding opportunities to become a nurse, but it will need a lot of training.

You may need to start off as a certified nursing assistant (CNA) to get an idea of what the profession is like. You should look into the full details of a CNA job description before you think about applying. This way you will know the kind of thing you can expect from the nursing sector. And it will give you a better idea about whether you do want to become a nurse.


IT is a great career to go into. As a society, we are so reliant on technology that it is almost impossible for us to exist without it. As technology and computers develop further, they are beginning to seep into every corner of the world. Our personal lives revolve around IT and technology. Businesses run on complex IT networks.

For these reasons jobs in IT are constantly available. New ones are cropping up every year and as developments in IT grow so do the job opportunities available.

How to Become a Productive Student and Still Have Fun

How to Become a Productive Student and Still Have Fun

So, you’re at college. You want to pass your exams with flying colours. But, you also want to make sure that you are having the time of your life. Becoming a successful student means having to have a clear study-work-life balance. It can seem somewhat difficult managing your time. But, there are some clear ways that you can be a productive student and still have a ball while you are at university. You don’t have to chain yourself to your desk day and night. Likewise, you don’t have to fail because you spent too much time in the student union bar. It’s time to master the art of becoming a productive student whilst still having fun in the process.

Don’t Cram

Yes, really. Cramming can have a detrimental impact on your grades. You need to make sure that you are using your time wisely. Cramming is not the way to do this. Ensure that you set aside suitable time frames for learning and focus on one module at a time. Even if you study for one hour, you can learn more from using your time wisely and concentrating on one topic at a time.

Find a Space to Learn

Finding the perfect study space can enhance your learning tenfold. Some people prefer to learn from the comfort of their rooms. Others prefer the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop. You need to find a space to learn that works for you. Try the library or your dorm. There is a wealth of ways in which you can learn. Student accommodation is often geared around learning. Find the perfect hub, and away you go. You may find that your accommodation is unsuitable for learning. Take a look here for student accommodation suitable for Chinese students.

Plan Your Study Time

Creating a timetable for studying is vital to your success. That way, you can plan social events around your study times. It’s important that you get into a routine of studying. That way, you don’t have to worry about how you will find the time to study. Look at your lectures timetable. Then, look at key events that you want to go to. Make sure that you have a clear schedule for studying. Having a schedule is the key to effective learning. It’s all about creating the perfect balance.


David A Ellis

Create a Study Goal

Think about the goals of your studies. What learning outcomes do you want to achieve? Setting goals for learning is one of the most important ways of learning new subjects. By doing this, you can ensure that you accomplish your objectives and intensify your learning strategy. You can even reward yourself for achieving your goals. This may be a night out with friends or attending a particular event. Creating goals is essential to your overall learning.

Never Procrastinate

While many of us are guilty of procrastinating while we study, it’s imperative that you don’t. You need to ensure that you are sticking to your timetable and focusing on your studies. Think about the hardest subject that you have and make sure that you master it. Never put off studying because of a lack of interest. That will see you on a sure-fire road to failure. Set aside dedicated study times and make sure that you are sticking to them.

The Benefits of Doing a College Course Online

The Benefits of Doing a College Course Online

If you want to better yourself and go back into education, you have lots of options. An option that’s getting more and more popular appears to be doing an online course. But why? Surely doing an online course isn’t as effective as doing a course in person? Incorrect! Take a look at these benefits to convince you:

  1. Lots of Courses to Choose from

Just because it’s online doesn’t mean you have a limited amount of courses to choose from. In fact, there are probably even more to choose from. You should be able to find any course you can think of available for you to do online.

2. It’s Cheaper

Doing a course online is cheaper than doing a course in person, there are many factors that will save you money. The most notable factor being the course itself! However, you’ll also save money on travel, food and equipment.

3. It’s More Comfortable for You

You can’t deny that doing a course online would be extremely comfortable. You can make yourself cosy on your sofa or in your home office and get to work when you have the time. What could be better than learning in the comfort of your own home?

4. It’s Convenient

Doing an online course on a site like Web Education HQ is extremely convenient. You’ll never be late, or have to travel far. Simply get to your computer and you can start learning instantly. There’s never been a more convenient way to learn.

5. Advance Your Career

Doing an online course allows you to advance your career just as much as a physical course. Some people think that they won’t give you as good a qualification or teach you as much, but this is false. You can still advance your career in a big way with online courses.

6. No Need to Travel

There’s no need to put money aside for travel expenses with an online course. Buying a bus, train, or tube pass can be expensive, but you don’t need to worry about this at all with an online course. You can breathe a sigh of relief!

7. Not as Much Pressure

As you’re virtually the only student, you won’t feel under pressure to compete with anybody else doing your course as you would in reality. You will likely experience less stress and do better in the course as a result.

8. No Expensive Textbooks Needed

Most courses require expensive textbooks. Everything you need in an online course is online, meaning you simply pay for the course and you have everything you need. No need to go out and buy equipment or reading material! Everything you need will be provided before you start your course.



Some people think that doing online courses is a waste of time or won’t get them very far. Hopefully this information has helped you to change your mind! Have you done an online course, or know somebody who has? Let us know how it went by leaving a comment.

See you next time!