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“Think BIG” by Dr h. c. Harald Seiz – Using Your Degree as an Entrepreneur

“Think BIG” by Dr h. c. Harald Seiz – Using Your Degree as an Entrepreneur

You do not need a degree to become an entrepreneur, but you can use your ability to learn, and even your specific field of study, to help you develop an entrepreneurial career. One of the most important skills you need to become a successful entrepreneur is the ability to gain in depth knowledge in your chosen field.

Learning is central to this and, as a college graduate, you will have well-developed learning skills. As Dr h. c. Harald Seiz discusses in his book  Think BIG – How to Conquer the World with a Great Idea, you need to put these learning skills to use gaining as much knowledge as possible about your chosen entrepreneurial field.

Why knowledge is so important

There was a time when people could have a wide range of good knowledge, across several different fields. This is no longer easy to achieve. The advance of technology, and the creation of the Internet mean that the amount of minute detail that surrounds every subject has grown. As Dr. Seiz says,

“To know everything and everyone well, to have a grasp of all subject matters, has become impossible in the complex world in which we live, today.”

The skill of being an entrepreneur is not to know everything, but to know as much as possible about the field in which you want to make a difference. The skills you put to use when gaining your degree can be very useful in making this happen. You need to focus and take in the knowledge and experience that has gone before you, in order to bring something new to the party. People need to respect you as an authority and having knowledge behind you is one of the best ways to make this happen.

The skill of bringing knowledge into the open

Knowledge is only the start though. As Dr. Seiz says in “Think BIG”

“…expertise is not enough. What good is knowledge and experience if one is not able to share it, if no one knows about it?”

Many people have ideas that could benefit the world and themselves, but they do not have the self-confidence to bring them out into the open. An idea that remains hidden is not going to lead to a successful career as an entrepreneur. People need to know what you have to offer. You need to be able to engage people and get them on board with your enterprise.

Dr. Seiz has not been successful in every enterprise he has started but he has always been able to bring his ideas to people, and get them on board. This has helped him to get to where he is today; a successful entrepreneur and author who wants to show you how you can take the skills you used to gain your degree and use them to forge a successful career as an entreprenuer. It’s not an easy path to take. There will be highs and lows, but it’s exciting and the rewards can be great.


Healthcare Jobs in 21st Century Assisted Living

Healthcare Jobs in 21st Century Assisted Living

The Indian counterpart to the American Baby Boomer generation, that segment of the population in the 60+ range, is well-traveled, well-heeled, and ready to settle in for a comfortable retirement. Projected to number in excess of 240 million people by 2050, Indian seniors are the fastest-growing demographic on the planet. The question is, to where will they retire that meets their expectations?

Not every adult or couple, with or without children, is excited about the prospect of having their aging parents move in with them. The independently-minded Indian Boomers aren’t too thrilled, either. Nor do these individuals relish the idea of being banished to an “old age home.” Singh Vachani, CEO of Antara Senior Living, may have come up with a satisfactory, or even desirable, answer.

Antara is part of the new generation of active senior living residential communities in India. This new vision in senior living, where residents are invited to choose everything from the view from their balcony to the architectural layouts of their new homes, has opened up a wealth of jobs in assisted living.

The picture is very similar in the United States, where the transition of the Baby Boomers to their senior years and increasing numbers of individuals becoming afflicted by Alzheimer’s Disease and other forms of dementia have placed extra demands on those professions associated with caring for the elderly.

Roles in assisted living

The types of jobs for people working in an assisted living environment range from part-time certified nursing assistants, or caregivers, positions at the director’s level, and everywhere in between. As might be expected, the greatest number of jobs is at the CNA level.

Certified Nursing Assistants

Nursing assistants provide basic care to residents in long-term assisted care facilities. The levels of care they provide differ from patient to patient, depending on the findings from a comprehensive assessment, which is used to inform a detailed care plan. Priority is given to providing a homelike atmosphere, promoting and protecting the rights of each resident, and helping each one to maintain as much independence as they can manage.

Their day to day tasks may involve preparing meals and helping residents eat, monitoring vital signs, assisting with mobility when necessary by helping residents into and out of wheelchairs onto beds and chairs, and discussing and recording the residents’ health concerns.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for a CNA in May 2017 was $27,520. At that time, a CNA working for a government facility earned a median annual salary of more than $32,000.


While the wage packet for an orderly is of the same order of a CNA, their role is somewhat different. Orderlies tend to perform more administrative and domestic support, as opposed to personal care and medical monitoring. They will help to keep the facility clean and in good working order, transport patients from their rooms to medical appointments, change linens and keep supplies topped up.

Assisted living cook

Among the senior population, residential care cooks have to prepare diets based on different religions, ethnicities, and medical limitations. One patient may require Kosher food, while another may require a special dietary regime such as low salt, low sugar, gluten-free, nondairy, vegan, nut-free, or pureed meals. The median wage for a cook in May 2017 was $11.52 per hour or $23,970 annually.

These are just a few of the jobs that are projected to grow in demand over the next 10 to 20 years.

Prepare yourself for a brighter career while you’re in college – Few expert tips

Prepare yourself for a brighter career while you’re in college – Few expert tips

As per a research study done by IBM in 2017, they had set out to uncover things that went wrong with the higher education. Along with the Economist Intelligence Unit, the IBM Institute for Business Value surveyed several leaders of the academic industry from public and private colleges, vocational programs, universities, and corporations all over the globe.

They’ve found out that in terms of economic value, just 52% of the academic industry leaders believe that higher education offers value for money and 50% of them take it in a manner which contributes to competitiveness and economic growth. So, if you’re studying in a college in Chennai and you want to prepare yourself for grabbing a good job in chennai, here are the few things that you can do.

  • Seek benefits of learning based on experiences

It’s time for textbooks to take a backseat because now is the time when you have to focus on the real-world experiences like apprenticeships and internships. This is where you can practice the skills which you’ve always heard of in the classroom. Choose the professors and courses which offer ‘flip’ teaching because this is where the students can learn and absorb basic content apart from class and finish up all their homework and problems. You will be able to work with well-known and revered metrics and work hard on acquisition of skills.

  • Join hands with prospective employers

You can also develop relationships with the corporate recruiters during the tenure of your university. Ask about the prospective job opportunities and on-site shadowing and try to enquire about their input on their courses as this can be helpful in acquiring an entry-level role in their companies. Try and understand their requirements and obtain the right set of skills so that you can properly address your needs.

  • Incorporate within yourself business acumen

We can’t deny the fact that the business world is getting more fluid where everyone has to understand the aspect of a company. Technology is just one part of delivering any service and hence, the fresh graduation pass-outs require having a broader orientation. Also watch out for IT exposure like security, commerce, integration, and analytics.

  • Start acquiring global knowledge

There are many industries which have been transformed through globalization and even though you wish to work in an Indian or American company, you will need global competence. Due to security issues, global knowledge is something that is more important than ever. The IT professionals should constantly keep updating themselves on the things that are taking place all around the world and look for the new ways in which the company can be vulnerable. As a college student, you have to keep improving your global competence by discussing things with professors, fellow students, and mentors.

Once you take all the above listed steps, you can work towards shaping your career since the time you’re a college student. It is vital for all college students to mend their ways towards their careers in such a way that they don’t have to wait too long for grabbing a good job.

What Students Love Most About Boarding School

What Students Love Most About Boarding School

Going away to a boarding school can have its benefits and drawbacks. It presents an excellent opportunity to set students up to go to their desired college and have an incredible career. Students get a chance to be out on their own and to study without the distractions that being at home can sometimes present. But it also means that you are far away from your family, in a new setting, around new kids and without the familiar things and people you have at home.

There is an adjustment period required by students who attend boarding schools, partially to the lifestyle and partly to the new environment. However most come to love it and when given a choice, continue for the remainder of their education.

What they love about boarding school can be a diverse set of answers, but there are some common things that many say. Here is a list of what they love:

A Chance to be Independent

Boarding school presents a chance for students to get out on their own and be their own bosses. After spending all their lives at home with mom and dad, the chance at calling the shots yourself is a strong lure. They can decide how to spend their time and with whom and even expand their diet a bit from what they ate at home. But along with this newfound freedom quickly comes the understanding that they have to get mature quickly or things can go wrong for them. They must get themselves up and dressed and make sure they get to class on time. Parents find that after a semester or two in boarding school their kids come home as independent adults, ready to do their laundry as an example.

Multinational Student Body

Boarding schools will usually consist of a broad range of students from many different countries and cultures. In fact, private schools are an international melting pot because schools actively recruit students from all over the world. Global recruitment is done partially to ensure that students have a diverse set of classmates and also because international students broaden students understanding and appreciation of our multi-ethnic world. Boarding school students come to love this. Mainly because most have not been brought up interacting with other cultures, yet they have been curious about them. The extended period they get to spend with these other cultures in a school setting allows them to engage around common topics and interests. They will build lifetime friendships from different nationalities, ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds.

An Environment Designed for Learning

Students who attend boarding schools love to learn, and boarding schools are set up specifically as learning environments. Teachers are accessible for most parts of the day, there are libraries and study areas everywhere, tutors abound, and the attitude of the students and staff is on quality education. For students that commit to learning, this presents an ideal environment. Furthermore, if the student wants to major in performing arts high school programs, or an area of science, the boarding school will have many assets and activities to support the student. For music there are music classes, performance halls, bands and ensembles and opportunities to participate in live and recorded performances, for STEM majors, there are laboratories and the chance to work on real scientific research.

Teachers with a Passion for Teaching

Students attending private school pay a hefty tuition and may have to pass stringent tests to be here. Therefore they are very focused on learning. Many come from schools where the teachers were just working for their paychecks and not entirely dedicated to their students or teaching. When they encounter a boarding school environment that has teachers who are the most skilled, experienced, and have a passion for their jobs, it, in turn, inspires them to learn and to enjoy learning. Many students choose to attend summer school classes because they love the teachers so much.

With so many reasons for kids to love boarding schools, it is no wonder that students who attend them are the top students in the country.

Getting a degree in business – Boost your career

Getting a degree in business – Boost your career

if you are considering getting a degree in business, you may be unsure if this is the right path for you to take. You may be wondering if such a degree with be worth your time, or offer you the payoff you need in order to have a successful career. Rest assured, getting a business degree is not as difficult as trying to install a car seat properly, and it can offer a lot of rewards no matter what career path you choose to take. Here are a few benefits about pursuing a business degree and getting an education that works for you.

Your Degree Works In Any Industry

No matter what industry you go to, your degree will be seen as a valuable asset. That’s because a business degree covers basic skills that any company needs, from marketing to accounting and even business law. Understanding these basics will leave you well-equipped to run any type of business, no matter what your end goals are. If you go into banking and decide you would rather work in hospitality, your business degree will continue to serve you well, no matter how many times you change your career over your lifetime.

Your Degree Trains You In Various Areas

No matter what area of business appeals to you the most, your degree will offer you assistance in many different disciplines. You will be able to see how accounting relates to marketing, and the benefits of understanding business law when it comes to hiring employees. You can choose to focus in a specific area, if that appeals to you, and you want to be more of a specialist in a certain area. Being multi-educated in several different areas of business will appeal to a variety of companies who are looking to hire someone with a background in several things.

Business Will Never Go Out Of Style

Some majors can become less popular over time, and sometimes they are completely eliminated from college catalogs. Thankfully, business is a tried and true major that will always be needed. Having a business degree enables you to learn about a variety of different practices, and see how they are used in a company. If you are seeking to learn about a subject that will always be needed, consider the benefits of a business degree, and put your education to good use with a major that is always in demand.

There are many reasons to consider getting a business degree. The skills you learn in business will always be in demand and never go out of style. Your business degree will train you in various areas, and help you feel more capable when you tackle different areas within a company, such as accounting or marketing. Finally, having a business degree is useful when it comes to changing industries. No matter where you go, your skills and knowledge will be put to good use, because business applies to almost everything in some form or another. If you are on the fence about the best major, see how business might be a good fit for you.