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What Students Love Most About Boarding School

What Students Love Most About Boarding School

Going away to a boarding school can have its benefits and drawbacks. It presents an excellent opportunity to set students up to go to their desired college and have an incredible career. Students get a chance to be out on their own and to study without the distractions that being at home can sometimes present. But it also means that you are far away from your family, in a new setting, around new kids and without the familiar things and people you have at home.

There is an adjustment period required by students who attend boarding schools, partially to the lifestyle and partly to the new environment. However most come to love it and when given a choice, continue for the remainder of their education.

What they love about boarding school can be a diverse set of answers, but there are some common things that many say. Here is a list of what they love:

A Chance to be Independent

Boarding school presents a chance for students to get out on their own and be their own bosses. After spending all their lives at home with mom and dad, the chance at calling the shots yourself is a strong lure. They can decide how to spend their time and with whom and even expand their diet a bit from what they ate at home. But along with this newfound freedom quickly comes the understanding that they have to get mature quickly or things can go wrong for them. They must get themselves up and dressed and make sure they get to class on time. Parents find that after a semester or two in boarding school their kids come home as independent adults, ready to do their laundry as an example.

Multinational Student Body

Boarding schools will usually consist of a broad range of students from many different countries and cultures. In fact, private schools are an international melting pot because schools actively recruit students from all over the world. Global recruitment is done partially to ensure that students have a diverse set of classmates and also because international students broaden students understanding and appreciation of our multi-ethnic world. Boarding school students come to love this. Mainly because most have not been brought up interacting with other cultures, yet they have been curious about them. The extended period they get to spend with these other cultures in a school setting allows them to engage around common topics and interests. They will build lifetime friendships from different nationalities, ethnicities, religions, and backgrounds.

An Environment Designed for Learning

Students who attend boarding schools love to learn, and boarding schools are set up specifically as learning environments. Teachers are accessible for most parts of the day, there are libraries and study areas everywhere, tutors abound, and the attitude of the students and staff is on quality education. For students that commit to learning, this presents an ideal environment. Furthermore, if the student wants to major in performing arts high school programs, or an area of science, the boarding school will have many assets and activities to support the student. For music there are music classes, performance halls, bands and ensembles and opportunities to participate in live and recorded performances, for STEM majors, there are laboratories and the chance to work on real scientific research.

Teachers with a Passion for Teaching

Students attending private school pay a hefty tuition and may have to pass stringent tests to be here. Therefore they are very focused on learning. Many come from schools where the teachers were just working for their paychecks and not entirely dedicated to their students or teaching. When they encounter a boarding school environment that has teachers who are the most skilled, experienced, and have a passion for their jobs, it, in turn, inspires them to learn and to enjoy learning. Many students choose to attend summer school classes because they love the teachers so much.

With so many reasons for kids to love boarding schools, it is no wonder that students who attend them are the top students in the country.

Successful celebrity graduates: The top five

Successful celebrity graduates: The top five

What is the link between each of the individuals found on the following list? They each have a successful and perhaps surprising degree!

Some of Britain’s most famous stars are highly educated as well as talented – let’s take a look at them.

  1. Rowan Atkinson

Known best for his comedy character Mr Bean, Rowan Atkinson is not someone you would traditionally associate with higher education. Yet Atkinson actually holds an undergraduate degree from Newcastle University and a Masters in Electrical Engineering from Oxford University – definitely something to be proud of.

  1. Harry Hill

Another comedy superstar, Harry Hill is best known for his slapstick humour and big collars. Hard to imagine that he could dish our prescriptions and diagnose ailments then! Hill actually attended the University of London where he studied Neurosurgery and remains a Registered Medical Practitioner on the General Medical Council.

  1. Jeremy Kyle

While Jeremy Kyle is now famous for helping the British public work through their problems with his unique brand of advice on his talk show, he too is a graduate. Attending the University of Surrey, Kyle picked up a degree in History and Sociology before moving on to adopt the role of modern-day agony aunt.

  1. Hugh Grant

A British heartthrob known for adopting the odd bad-boy acting role, Hugh Grant is another celebrity who has a strong grounding in education. Grant attended the prestigious University of Oxford, studying English Literature. Perhaps the characters he plays aren’t so far detached from reality after all…

  1. Russell Howard

Ending the list is another comedian – Russell Howard. Best known for his lively stand-up and successful stints at presenting his own weekly comedy show Russell Howard’s Good News, Howard actually has a very business-orientated mind. He studied Economics at the University of West London in Bristol, attaining his degree before turning his attention to comedy.

Why study like the celebs?

While obtaining a degree may not be a fast-track route to fame, it can be beneficial in many other ways. By obtaining a relevant degree in a discipline you’re interested in, you could go on to land a well-paid job with a high-profile title.

Like these celebs, you too could go on to make something of yourself by studying for a degree – but it’s important to choose the right one. After an undergraduate degree, your next choice will be to enter the world of work or continue studying for a Masters degree.

A Business masters will equip you with the relevant business knowledge, leadership skills and networking opportunities that are integral to a successful business career. Take that step towards success by exploring the possibility of a Masters in Business today.

6 Great Reasons to Become a Dental Hygienist

6 Great Reasons to Become a Dental Hygienist

Are you considering your options when it comes to career paths to follow? The world is your oyster providing you’re determined to make something of yourself! The job as a dental hygienist is a particularly satisfying and lucrative one. Why? Here are 6 great reasons:

Enjoy a Flexible Schedule

If you want to have a flexible work schedule, becoming a dental hygienist could be the answer. Lots of people in this profession are able to set their own hours, or even shape their work life around their home life. Of course there will be times when you’re mega busy and will need to focus on work, but most of the time you can be flexible.


Stability in Your Job

This profession isn’t going to go anywhere any time soon. In fact, population increases mean that you should get even more clients through your door. Also, people are starting to learn the importance of preventive care. This means they should come to you early on and stick with you even before any issues arise. Regardless of what stage you’re at in your career, there should be a high demand for your services.

Work With People

You’ll be working with people day in day out, so it’s great if you like a people orientated atmosphere. It’ll be your job to keep the patients feeling relaxed. You’ll also need to give them advice on caring for their teeth. Being friendly is essential in this profession. If you’re passionate about oral health and enjoy helping others, then you’ll love this career.

Decent Salary

The dental industry always needs reliable staff, so the salary is becoming quite competitive. Yep, with a career as a dental hygienist, you can make a lot of money. While money should never be the deciding factor, it’s certainly a perk! The amount you get paid can vary depending on your specialities, location, experience, and more.

Opportunities for Furthering Your Career

If you will eventually want to further your career, you have no limit to your options. All you need is hands on experience and perhaps a training program or two. You can then take on a career in research, or even teach others about dental hygiene. You’re definitely not at a dead end with a career like this!

It’s a Respected Job

As this is such an important job, you can be proud of having a job in a respected field. You’ll be one of the most in demand people in the health industry. So what if you’re not a doctor, or full dentist? You’ll still get the respect that comes in hand with working in healthcare. This type of job can’t be sniffed at.

There you have them; 6 great reasons to become a dental hygienist! What do you think? Has this convinced you that this is your calling in life? Don’t worry if it hasn’t – there are plenty more lucrative careers you could consider. Remember; you can do anything you put your mind to!

Thanks for reading!

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About To Graduate? Why Your Education May Need To Continue

About To Graduate? Why Your Education May Need To Continue

After years of education, you may be starting to feel a little institutionalised! You have worked hard to graduate, and the end is finally in sight. But the hard work doesn’t stop here. Once you have graduated, you will be looking for appropriate employment with a good company. The location of the job may even dictate where you live geographically. Alternatively, you may be searching for employment closer to home.

Wherever you hunt for a job, you will probably want to take on some more role specific training first. Some graduate opportunities provide on the job training to get you going, but these positions are very competitive. If you have not been lucky enough to fall into a graduate programme, you can still make yourself a desirable candidate in the job race.

There are many graduate training programmes out there that require a degree. Once you have graduated, you can enrol on other training schemes offering professional qualifications. These qualifications sometimes require work experience. There are many that teach you everything you need to know about highly specialised roles. These roles include Marketing, Business Analysis and Project Management.

Some of this training can be done a little cheaper remotely. For example, you can undertake some Business Analyst training online to qualify you as a Business Analyst. Continuing education and training is highly desirable to employers. If you can afford to take on another course, it would look good on a resume while you are searching for that dream job.

You may already have a good idea about which company you want to work for, or what role you want to fulfil. There will be plenty of opportunities for both, but making yourself highly desirable as you wait for your chance can be challenging. You need to keep yourself current, and you need to make yourself heard above the noise of all the other graduates. Most big firms are looking for graduates that have had a go at the job already. This experience can be gained through volunteering or taking on a temp role. If you can find a chance to simulate the role through your degree work, that too could be highly regarded. Evidence is key. You should also be prepared to talk at length about it.

As a graduate, you will have opportunities within the biggest firms that other candidates are not eligible to apply for. It is highly recommended that you fight your way through to getting one of these roles as they are intended to progress you quickly up the chain of command into management. Starting at the bottom may take you a little longer to reach the top, but you will have opportunities to see the full working insides of the business on your way up. You are more likely to progress higher because of your degree than an unqualified internal candidate.


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There are many ways to maximize your degree, and some graduates find the subject they chose is completely irrelevant to the job they end up with. The point of a graduate placement is to take on a candidate who has excellent written skills and the ability to research and analyse information. Every graduate has that experience.

How to Become a Productive Student and Still Have Fun

How to Become a Productive Student and Still Have Fun

So, you’re at college. You want to pass your exams with flying colours. But, you also want to make sure that you are having the time of your life. Becoming a successful student means having to have a clear study-work-life balance. It can seem somewhat difficult managing your time. But, there are some clear ways that you can be a productive student and still have a ball while you are at university. You don’t have to chain yourself to your desk day and night. Likewise, you don’t have to fail because you spent too much time in the student union bar. It’s time to master the art of becoming a productive student whilst still having fun in the process.

Don’t Cram

Yes, really. Cramming can have a detrimental impact on your grades. You need to make sure that you are using your time wisely. Cramming is not the way to do this. Ensure that you set aside suitable time frames for learning and focus on one module at a time. Even if you study for one hour, you can learn more from using your time wisely and concentrating on one topic at a time.

Find a Space to Learn

Finding the perfect study space can enhance your learning tenfold. Some people prefer to learn from the comfort of their rooms. Others prefer the hustle and bustle of a coffee shop. You need to find a space to learn that works for you. Try the library or your dorm. There is a wealth of ways in which you can learn. Student accommodation is often geared around learning. Find the perfect hub, and away you go. You may find that your accommodation is unsuitable for learning. Take a look here for student accommodation suitable for Chinese students.

Plan Your Study Time

Creating a timetable for studying is vital to your success. That way, you can plan social events around your study times. It’s important that you get into a routine of studying. That way, you don’t have to worry about how you will find the time to study. Look at your lectures timetable. Then, look at key events that you want to go to. Make sure that you have a clear schedule for studying. Having a schedule is the key to effective learning. It’s all about creating the perfect balance.


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Create a Study Goal

Think about the goals of your studies. What learning outcomes do you want to achieve? Setting goals for learning is one of the most important ways of learning new subjects. By doing this, you can ensure that you accomplish your objectives and intensify your learning strategy. You can even reward yourself for achieving your goals. This may be a night out with friends or attending a particular event. Creating goals is essential to your overall learning.

Never Procrastinate

While many of us are guilty of procrastinating while we study, it’s imperative that you don’t. You need to ensure that you are sticking to your timetable and focusing on your studies. Think about the hardest subject that you have and make sure that you master it. Never put off studying because of a lack of interest. That will see you on a sure-fire road to failure. Set aside dedicated study times and make sure that you are sticking to them.

The Benefits of Doing a College Course Online

The Benefits of Doing a College Course Online

If you want to better yourself and go back into education, you have lots of options. An option that’s getting more and more popular appears to be doing an online course. But why? Surely doing an online course isn’t as effective as doing a course in person? Incorrect! Take a look at these benefits to convince you:

  1. Lots of Courses to Choose from

Just because it’s online doesn’t mean you have a limited amount of courses to choose from. In fact, there are probably even more to choose from. You should be able to find any course you can think of available for you to do online.

2. It’s Cheaper

Doing a course online is cheaper than doing a course in person, there are many factors that will save you money. The most notable factor being the course itself! However, you’ll also save money on travel, food and equipment.

3. It’s More Comfortable for You

You can’t deny that doing a course online would be extremely comfortable. You can make yourself cosy on your sofa or in your home office and get to work when you have the time. What could be better than learning in the comfort of your own home?

4. It’s Convenient

Doing an online course on a site like Web Education HQ is extremely convenient. You’ll never be late, or have to travel far. Simply get to your computer and you can start learning instantly. There’s never been a more convenient way to learn.

5. Advance Your Career

Doing an online course allows you to advance your career just as much as a physical course. Some people think that they won’t give you as good a qualification or teach you as much, but this is false. You can still advance your career in a big way with online courses.

6. No Need to Travel

There’s no need to put money aside for travel expenses with an online course. Buying a bus, train, or tube pass can be expensive, but you don’t need to worry about this at all with an online course. You can breathe a sigh of relief!

7. Not as Much Pressure

As you’re virtually the only student, you won’t feel under pressure to compete with anybody else doing your course as you would in reality. You will likely experience less stress and do better in the course as a result.

8. No Expensive Textbooks Needed

Most courses require expensive textbooks. Everything you need in an online course is online, meaning you simply pay for the course and you have everything you need. No need to go out and buy equipment or reading material! Everything you need will be provided before you start your course.



Some people think that doing online courses is a waste of time or won’t get them very far. Hopefully this information has helped you to change your mind! Have you done an online course, or know somebody who has? Let us know how it went by leaving a comment.

See you next time!

Studying Abroad Could Be The Best Decision You Ever Make

Studying Abroad Could Be The Best Decision You Ever Make

When it comes to choosing a university, there isn’t always an easy answer. Have you considered studying abroad? Nearly all universities run a study abroad programme. That means you are not limited to applying to colleges or universities in your own country. Instead, you could look further afield and study in Europe, America or Asia. Alternatively, you could take a regular course in your home country, but do a year studying abroad. Most degree courses offer this option too.

Studying abroad will be one of the most rewarding things you ever do. It may push you out of your comfort zone but the skills and experience you gain will be priceless. There are endless opportunities for personal development. Plus, you’ll make new friends with entirely different cultural practices. It is a real insight into the world around you. It also opens up your career possibilities.

See the world

Travellers will always tell you that they learned more through travelling than any school or degree. Visiting another country really opens your eyes to the people and cultures of the world. Just meeting new people and experiencing new things will teach you so much about the world. University is a great time to explore the planet. As you grow older, it becomes harder and harder to see the world. Make the most of your younger years.

Develop language skills

If there’s one skill that is valued above all others in this interconnected world, it’s language skills. Developing a second language is one of the best things you can do. It opens up your career possibilities and the option of living in a different country in the long term. Companies like British-Study can help you develop this. In a world where business is becoming more global, honing a second or third language will put you ahead.

Looks great on a CV

Studying abroad looks very good to potential employers. It will help your CV stand out above the stack of other graduates. Studying abroad shows that you have confidence and ambition. It shows that you are will to push yourself out of your comfort zone and try new things. You can also highlight your language skills and understanding of other cultures. That could help you land a job in a more international capacity.

Make friends and connections

When you go to university and college, the people you meet are almost more important than the degree itself. The lifelong connections you make will shape your life in the future. The friends you make at university really do stay with you forever. When you open yourself up to new cultures, you give yourself an even richer friendship group. You learn from the diverse people you associate yourself with. You gain a sense of how others live and broaden your horizons.

If you have still yet to make a decision about university, seriously consider heading abroad. It’ll give you a completely new lease of life. You’ll gain a broader perspective of what’s out there. You’ll meet new people and build lifelong friendships. After all this, you’ll have a stronger CV and better career prospects. There really isn’t a downside to studying abroad.


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